I miss him today
it’s been a while
I could be crazy around him
Crazy, mad, absolutely insane

I would do extreme things, I would shout
I would cry
My actions were intolerable, absurd

But, he
He would still hold my hand
Hold me close
Kiss me lightly, and whisper in my ears

He would still be there.

I miss him today, it’s been a while.
I hope you are happy,
beyond the long lost Nile.

Image credits – here

This poem absolutely sucks. I should be here soon again with something fantastic
question remains though – who do I miss – him or my old crazy self?

Author: pecsbowen


15 thoughts on “Moods”

  1. Who do you miss? Him? Your old self? I find that you miss the opportunity for new. A new love story. That’s exciting. After all, a lost love is just a future story to share. And an experience to be gained. Not a time for sadness but a transformation.


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