Retrospective thoughts


Though I can play around with my words
and paint characters with clarity
it is in telling you, i can’t do it orally

I wish I could, he said I didn’t,
he didn’t like it too;
I told him – i know not what to say

And silently I watched him go.

They say I play games,
Some say its pride.
I wish I could speak my heart out
Instead I giggle, I smile, I pout

Image credit – Tumblr

Author: pecsbowen


11 thoughts on “Retrospective thoughts”

      1. Another person has said that. I dont know what it is. Ima little slow about the computer stuff. I will try and figure it out. Thank you for being hear


          1. Thank you very much. πŸ™‚ if it matters the blog is hosted on bluehost with a WordPress theme.


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