A few dollars, good coffee

I was a skeptic, I was a cynic, I was such a different person a little while ago. 

The more I see the world, the more I am led to believe, it is such a wonderful place and that people are genuinely nice and simple. They are weird, I know, but then everything foreign is weird at first. You don’t really have to know them that much for them to stop being weird. The weirdness doesn’t matter, it is the rest that does. The rest which is so simple and pure.

We all hate the same things – hypocrisy, lies, cunning shit, double standards, laziness, lack of spirit, lack of interesting things to say, dishonesty, suffering, misery, disease. We all love the same things – honesty, courage, bravery, simplicity, humility,health, kindness,compassion, hope, dreams, dedication. We all want the same things – a purpose, some meaning, few dollars, some success, a nice little house, good coffee, red wine, delicious food and someone to care.

Life gets a little tough sometimes and things don’t work out, it all looks very difficult and one often cannot see a way out or a way ahead. Nevertheless, everything passes eventually, oblivion cannot be avoided, and as most of us see, it all works out for the better in the end, it all works out for the better nevertheless.


Author: pecsbowen


2 thoughts on “A few dollars, good coffee”

  1. Indeed. Yet, I somehow feel that there is a glass wall between people. Even when we know that the other people are just like us finally. Why is privacy such a big deal ? Why do we wish to keep our dark past and dark deeds hidden ? Because people would judge us for it without thinking, and not understand. Why does this happen ?


    1. I guess humans are still striving to find a balance between rational thought and primal survival instinct.

      When do we pass judgments?
      – When someone does something against the established norms of society. Instead of understanding,resolving, reconciling the first reaction is usually condemnation, discrimination, isolation. It is a bit far fetched but I think our genes say – no, you are bad for evolution, stay out.


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