Words, feel words


Peace the superior calm, that feeling of eternal bliss, that floating in the calm, living in it. The slight superiority complex, that slight feeling of humility that peace of mind, that eternal living breathing peace.

The clarity of goals, the forming of goals, the living in the present, that living that doing. The living, that doing, the present, the living in the present.

The emptiness of mind, that clear emptiness. The slight racing of the heart, the feel of pure adrenaline, the sinking in of all the infinite possibilities, the looking at all the infinite possibilities, the  bright and glorious  future,the rich and breathing present, the beautiful past. Brilliant brilliant brilliant all of it.

The living, that breathing.

The living, that breathing, the living that breathing.

The learning the looking the living.

The honest recognition of the peace. That honest feeling. The filling with love, the love filling you up, breathing in love, feeling in bliss, swimming in happiness.

Author: pecsbowen


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