The opinionated Muse


He writes about her
He paints her with his thoughts
He gives her his words

His words for her
An inebriated reverie
in the mind of readers, they induce

I wonder though
Do our muses –
do they, feel so too?

Think over it – How many muses do you see in this poem ?


Author: pecsbowen


4 thoughts on “The opinionated Muse”

  1. One, the entire poem is a muse.

    Two, the writing of he is a muse.

    Three, the inebriated reverie in the reader is a muse.

    These are the clear ones. There are some more ambiguous ones, like,

    Four, the thoughts of he. These may not be accurately or completely reflected in his writing, and hence deserve separate mention.

    Five, ‘our muses’, those are the muses of everyone in general ?

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