From Delhi’s belly to Mumbai’s stinking rear-end

When a Delhi girl took the Mumbai Local

You get used to it after sometime, traveling through the rotting muck of this city – the excreta laden tracks surrounded by the feculent slums. There is a very pre-independence type of a feel in traveling by the Mumbai local – step off the trembling shambles of the Dadar local into the posh brick streets of Colaba – it almost appears as if you have time travelled.

Not that I don’t own a car, but hello have you seen the insane traffic in this city or in any other city for that matter – Delhi, Bangalore, Pune? It seems like a grand waste of time and money playing the traffic game every morning and evening in our metros.

Ergo I choose public commute…. I wrote this post originally on Zophop – read it completely here

I wish wordpress had a PM option. I would then personally thank my regular readers for taking time out of their daily lives and going through my words. Means a lot. A lot. Thank you. 

Author: pecsbowen


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