The dream, the dream I dreamed

Take 5 minutes before you start reading this post of mine and watch the video above. If you have already seen it, see it again. And if you haven’t then that I must tell you, that it is going to be the most mood-lifting thing you will watch today and in some days to come.

May you live in interesting times, goes an ancient Chinese curse. And interesting times these most certainly are – Je suis Charlie, the Sydney shootings, the cops getting it all wrong in most states of the States, the drug/slave/women trafficking, the wars, the oppression, the depression, the economic hassles…sigh. Some are worried where they will get their next meal from, others worry why hasn’t he called me yet.

Closer back home the politicians seem to be at their immature-best while dealing with the Nirbhaya-BBC-documentary issue. While the world watches the grown up leaders of India deal with what could be a potential mass law and order situation the common man of India is leading his life oblivious of the greater powers at play. He is just trying to make his life work.

People come to India and people see so many people and people think that life is so tough and hard for these people. But why don’t they see what  I see?

In all those mechanics in the so many so many shops – urban and rural, don’t they see the creative learning geniuses? Yes.
Take a step back and think about the people who fix your cars – who are they, are they educated, do they have formal training?
Then how do they do what they do so well, where did they learn everything about all the cars and car-parts so soon? 

In all those cooks in the millions of eating places around this 3,287,590 km² large country, don’t they see improvisation masters?
Take a step back and think about all the cooks of those small restaurants and dhabbas that you have had food in – who are these chefs, are they educated, do they have formal training?
Then how do these men, how do they cook so well?

In all those graduates who have left their jobs to do their own thing – don’t they see how great my country is soon going to be?
Take a step a back and think about all those engineers from colleges big and small who have left the security and comfort of a 9 to 5 job and are solving real life problems – social, economical and political – with nothing, absolutely nothing ( yes, you should ask them how scary it is, to be doing your own thing) but that voice at the back of their heads – its possible, it can be done.

I think it is so amazing to be alive in a time when my country is transitioning into something brilliant -it is finding it’s own voice and it’s marking it’s own way. Despite every-single-bad-thing  –  we survive, we live on, we innovate, we develop, we cultivate, we learn, we re-learn, we implement, we create.

And that,
that right there, is my favorite story of optimism. The story of India, today.

A very recent example of this kind of optimism is – Look Up.  See how they splash it in colors –


Author: pecsbowen


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