Her take on Life

Today this post is going be the most beautiful thing you read and see. It is also going to be the most creative work of art you will come across in a while. Yes, I know, I claim too much. But do not let my words mislead you. Judge for yourself.

I have to say I am surrounded by some incredibly creative people. Below is the work of a friend. This is no photoshop. This is all hand made art. And deep stuff. If you like her work, please drop her a message – here.

10959990_10152671789977291_1011177630719698132_o10636389_10152629944297291_5709490560979667292_o 10931715_10152629944882291_8750958674813909724_o 1911122_10152629947192291_8701869592740038017_o 10929119_10152630619222291_3898206473828338373_o 10931663_10152629982772291_8996070247803514900_o 1412254_10152629981702291_7019247467580189775_o 10900032_10152629947982291_8183304336784280620_o 10293796_10152629947652291_786731095625243711_o 1978337_10152629947347291_983825313855574921_o 1911122_10152629947192291_8701869592740038017_o

Told ya, did I not?


Author: pecsbowen


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