Black is his color

Black is his color, but white is his soul
dark are his eyes, and light is their shine.

He speaks of men that have lived,
conquering their souls
and in his subtle manner,
he is conquering his own.

dark,black, light, white.
empty, lost, thought, found.
pain, knowledge,reckless calm
dreamt, hoped, lived, laughed.

They will speak of him in days to come
as the man who was forever lost
dreaming his own world, creating some
but i know the man behind the color
and he thinks before he learns…

handsome man

Image link – here.


Author: pecsbowen


3 thoughts on “Black is his color”

  1. Brilliant, I liked that you kept that nice and short but still were able to take us through different stages of the story. I enjoyed your use of the commas to give that stanza a punchy fast paced feel, that’s the chase and then you bring us back to that nicely written closing stanza. What I liked about this piece is that it was full of mystery and intrigue for me, it cunning that you did it like that. You arrest the readers attention for a whole. Thanks for the share.

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