Unrequited Desire


From the sea of grief, she looks through the fog
She tries hard to reach the shore

Through the narrow telescope she can see
As it was, as it will be

She longs for him as she thinks of the shore
Though aware
There is nothing beyond the fog.

Interpreting Metaphors – This poem is full of metaphors. Sea of grief is the troubled past, fog stands for confusion, she is trying to reach the shore – she is trying to make sense, she is trying to reach the future, a more pleasant future perhaps. She can see the past and the future through the narrow lens of the telescope ( her reasonable mind, her rational mind which thinks but does not hope, wish or long). She wants him to be in her future – to be with her on the shore. But she knows all these hopeless dreams are the just the fog in her head and that there is nothing beyond.

Image Credits – here


Author: pecsbowen


10 thoughts on “Unrequited Desire”

  1. There is nothing beyond the fog, she decides.
    And the telescope lies forgotten awhile.

    Until one day, she picks it up again.
    Pointing it in a lazy random direction.
    To witness the majesty of a nebula.
    A noble prince amidst the fog.


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