Tell me today


Tell me today will you
Tell me of the last time you felt special
Dreams in your mind and hope in your heart

Change the world, yes you would
Tell me today please do
When was the last time you used to

Dream to built, long to change
This world now that you live in
This world that you now pass by

Tell me please tell it to me
Did you feel, like me did you think
Do you still feel, still think?

Dear readers, 

I really want to know, so please do tell me of the last time you felt special, you were made to feel special by someone, by an act of your own or some one else, tell me of the last time you thought you could change the world and how you thought you could change it?

Tell me of the last time you dreamed, a crazy dream and it filled your being and robbed you of your sleep, tell me of the last time you felt alive?

Eagerly Waiting

Picture from – Perfection in Black and White


Author: pecsbowen


21 thoughts on “Tell me today”

  1. I feel special and honored whenever I’m with my brother Stephen. Stephen is the child the doctors told my parents to put into an institution when he was two years old back in 1963. The doctors said he would never do or be anything. Our parents did not listen because they knew those doctors were wrong. Today Stephen lives in a Group Home, holds down a job, has an active social life and brings smiles to everyone he encounters. My brother Stephen is my life. He is the Moon, the Stars & the Sun. My lifetime partner who brings joy to my life. He has brought purpose to my life and we will always be that Dynamic Duo. Stephen will be 54 May 3rd and I turn 56 later on in Feb. Now doctors say he has Autism, which is true but believe me when I tell you that Autism does not have him.

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  2. When I spend time with my granddaughters, bask in their love, touches, smiles and laughs. These young women are a part of me. I had time with them when they were young. I pray I influenced them in the right way.


  3. Your ways make me remember a time I was on fire to make my meaningful contribution to our world but life happened and I am just existing as oppose to living. I want to be on fire again, I will work to make it happen.


  4. A few days ago I dreamed of drums I heard heavy knocking in my sleep so much I got up with a headache I then took two aspirins laid back down and heard more drums then I got up a started writing .I don’t know what this means I have a feeling my ancestors were trying to reach me..I know this sounds strange thank you for you poem…

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  5. I felt it yesterday when I was sitting have tea with my two daughters, ages 15 and 21. It was a special moment among us three girls-women, and I felt proud to be with them, and to be their mother. My daughter who is 15 will be 16 in about a week. What joy I feel!

    Thank you for your inspiring post and for calling us to respond. I, too, am very appreciative of this group, this place that has been come together.

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  6. The last time I felt alive was ten years ago. Who makes me feel special? I supposed to say someone close to me for the person treats me like a queen but I find the attention is lacking of passion. Or maybe it’s just me.


      1. To answer your question I have to think about what alive for me is. Let’s see… alive is feeling connected to the world, hear the grass growing, touching something and get flashes of its history, tasting the anticipation and electricity in the air, acquiring an extra 6th sense… When I’m writing it’s just like thinking out loud.


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