Those words I read, those words from you
They feel so different, they seem almost new

Have I not been looking, should I have seen
The words were they similar, the style as has been?

Is this for real, or do I just not see
Are you brand new or have you been read by me?

If your words are as old as your eyes
Tell me the song,
The song of pain,
The song of how it began.

women smoking bar sepia lipstick illuminated lone woman 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpapername.com_52 (1)


Author: pecsbowen


8 thoughts on “Happenstance”

  1. I like it. The first three couplets leading up to a powerful message in the ending. You might want to make the first couplet a question like the others, to strengthen the sense of balance between the couplets and the final verse.


      1. Better, yes! I think the ‘some’ weakens the sense of newness a bit, though – the reader up to then thinks they’re all new. Maybe ‘Are they something new?’ (Sorry to nitpick – I get like this!)


        1. I don’t mind improvisation. I am always open to change and learning.

          But, I think, asking a direct question would invalidate the purpose of the poem.

          Let me explain –

          The poet is asking this unknown man – are you my lover, if yes then how could I miss your words? Please yes if you are tell me something personal.

          So while three questions could balance the couplets, I would like to think of the first as laying down the premise – still not sure of whether it is him, like this perhaps –

          Those words I read, those words from you
          They feel so different, they seem unusally new

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          1. Ah, OK – that fits too, I didn’t pick up on that. Hope you didn’t mind me barging in – what’s written and what’s read are often two different things, but ultimately, it’s only the writer who really knows what the intended message is.


  2. For me it’s about talking to your long time lover/ partner and suddenly discovering that the person is different – was he always like that and you never noticed or did her change and you didn’t notice when it happened? Am I close?


    1. The jist is the same. In my case it was talking to someone new ( anonymously of course) and then realizing that – oh, are you him? Are you serious? Could this be happening?

      If it is so and if you are him then wow this side of you is just wow and so new, it’s amazing

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