Your blog your way

Right. I’m a little amused.

That blog is yours. It’s your way of expressing what you want and need to. It has been a great tool. So you want to be straight up. You have nearly 13,000 followers. Now you would say 95% are great – full of support and encouragement. Then there’s the 5% who are doing your head in.

How silly is all of this. One comment from the meager 5% makes you pound in anger in a blog post. Amusing. And slightly disturbing. But then maybe you are too young. Early teens?

You know you can’t spell and your grammar isn’t good. You don’t need to have either corrected for yourself. Like seriously come on who really cares if its your, you’re or you are. You are not in school. And won’t be treated as though.

I have wasted so much time editing the above I do not even want to respond to this childish rant. Yes I am aware this could spiral into something crazy. But I think I am not gonna care for it post this post.

You also write a lot on here. You are no poet nor writer. You write how you feel and when you feel like it. You don’t follow a pattern or rules nor will you change this.


I am aware after all I single handily run this blog that I go through tough times. Am mean to myself sometimes etc. It means a lot to have people liking and comment. What I don’t need is some people going through my blog telling other followers that they should or have to send me nice comments. If someone wants to comment that’s great. If not that’s ok to.

So basically to sum up. If you want a perfect blog this isn’t for you. If you want to down me or how even what I write. Same thing. I don’t need pity or to be babied. If you want to comment great. I will not be told how or what to feel. I am allowed to feel what I do.

As you were and thank you to those who see this blog for what it is and are still wanting to follow.

Eh. Replace I with you.

A wasted reply to this slightly disturbing post . If you read this post till here I really have nothing more to say. I am not responsible for any one’s understanding/perceptions/reaction/sense of self/self-esteem.


Author: pecsbowen


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