The thing women hate the most

What is it you think that all women hate?
What is that one thing which any woman cannot stand?
Your nonsense, your sense of humor, your messy clothes, your irritable quirks, your parents and sometimes your face?


I will give you a hint – it is the stuff that the worst women nightmares are made of.


Okay, maybe I am getting a bit too dramatic here. I think ghosts and weird-bodied-and-shabby-looking-supernatural-creatures are still the things which most of  women nightmares are made of, but still, this one thing comes pretty close to scaring most women. Especially if they have to be out in the world and interact with people, have people look at them, talk to people, listen to people or smile at people.

Smiling is the worst.

When you have a pimple on your face and someone smiles at you, you just don’t know how to respond to that. What do you do? Do you smile back? Do you just nod or bat your eyes? Why are they smiling, you begin to wonder. Did they see the pimple on your face? Oh my god they are going to tell other people about it!

ashamed womanYou are just so uncomfortable. And you know that if you smile back it is going to be a very awkward smile – an awkward smile complementing the pimple on your cheek, forehead, chin or nose. Yes, I know, this is worse than a nightmare. At least in a nightmare you are dead and you do not have to suffer the humiliation of having something red swollen on your face. .

I think the worst place to have a pimple is on your nose. On a scale of maybe-i-will-dab-some-powder-on-it  to oh-no-i-cannot-go-out-of-my-house, a pimple outbreak on the nose places can be easily placed on the extreme right of that scale. A pimple on the nose places you under imminent house arrest. It requires an extraordinary amount of courage to go out and be yourself in front of your friends, your colleagues, your boyfriend and those strangers-on-the-road.

I have to admit and not with much pride, it really does not bother us women if we are having a bad-hair day or wearing ill-fitting clothes or if we have broken nails or a little fat on the stomach. Sometimes our underarms might not be waxed and other times we might have not taken a bath. But that’s okay. You can hold off the sleeveless tops for some days and there are always deodorants.

The universal appeal of a dot so small


But having a pimple on your face is like having something stuck uncomfortably in a very delicate part of your body. A pimple on the face – above the lip, on the cheek or on the forehead tends to leave a woman completely defenseless against the  judgmental eyes of this heartless shallow world.

When I was puberty-struck, my face was a canvas for all of nature’s hormones. It wasn’t that tough dealing with skin breakouts back then self esteem was just a concept and not an existential necessity. Now that I am older and wiser I can marvel at the universal appeal a pimple has – whether I am a woman from India or Australia or the States or even Antarctica – a pimple will make me uncomfortable, self-conscious and under-confident; but I cannot gather the courage to be in my skin and hold my own in a public space.

Forget public spaces, my very existence becomes rooted to that small bump – you wash your face and you can feel it, you cannot apply a moisturizer, you can try to cover it by make-up, we all women know that compact does not work well on pimple – I am just so aware of it , it is always in my mind, I am thinking about it all the time, it becomes a case of bad romance.

A bad romance which leaves visible scars – yes more often than not the zits leave marks which take a long time to heal. It is not pleasant, it is like a crazy ex refusing to go away.

So I guess the cat is out of the bad – every woman’sconfident-woman dream is to have smooth pimple free skin before a successful career or a stable marriage.
You know the secret now, so please, the next time you see a woman with a pimple on her face kindly do not stare.

What do I do for no-pimples?

Well I eat healthy(most of the times) and I follow a firm exercise schedule. Also I scrub, I peel and I moisturize regularly.

garnier-pure-active-neemThere was this time when in the heat of experimentation I tried out several major brands. Amongst those containing neem extracts I had tried – Himalaya, Garnier and Pitanjali. I have normal skin its not too oily nor too dry. Funnily the first and the last brand ended up making my skin oily and leaving me with pimples. That is not supposed to happen. The second brand worked just fine and what I really like about Garnier products is the fresh light fragrance that each of their products has.(You know what I am talking about – every shampoo has a distinct smell, all soaps smell different, all creams do too.) If you are looking for a facewash that will subdue your pimples and leave you with no marks I would suggest go with the Garnier Neem facewash any-pimple-day. For it’s price it works good.

This blog post is my entry for the Common Pimple Problems contest –organized by Garnier India on Indiblogger. The thing I really like about these Garnier blogging initiatives is the simplicity of the topics chosen – everyone can relate to them. It is just so much fun writing about these women things. In fact you should do a little more reading here for tips and tricks every woman should know. 

All the images used in this post have been taken from the very generous free-sharing-open-source-kind-of-market that we have on the world wide web. For my take on this kind of sharing, if you are interested please read – this.

Image links (top to bottom) – question mark, scared womansecond picture,  third picture, fourth picture, fifth picture.

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6 thoughts on “The thing women hate the most”

      1. A trick which one of my friends taught me was to apply toothpaste on them in the night and go to sleep. You see I have oily skin. They become dry by the morning.


  1. I find your writing funny and reflective. You seem to have good observational skills …..I went and I read some of your other writings. I enjoyed them. I love your blog.


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