Haydy, you need to see

Haydy has always been intelligent – smart connecting the dots understanding applying. Haydy has always been the best at what he does, he has always been the best at what others do too. Needless to say, Haydy has developed an unkind disposition towards all people less smart than his. It is not that he does not possess the emotional capacity to avoid inflicting humiliation. He is deeply empathetic. Haydy just cannot help himself. He speaks what he sees.

Sometimes he thinks it is this empathy which is holding him back. He would like to be cent percent correct in every problem he solves, every solution he offers. He is tired of being 99.99% close to answers all the time.

He asks his adviser what is it that he is doing wrong, why can he not get that 100 on his sheet.

Haydy, you know things, but you need to see, his adviser replies. It is very important to see.

Haydy rolls his eyes and walks out. He has never liked obscurities, double meaning thoughts, the greys. The world is black and white he believes and standing on the 43rd floor of the national bank, that is how he sees it.

Standing on the 43rd floor of the national bank, from behind a pillar he sees policemen spreading out on the floor. The alarms are blaring and he sees that they have not seen him. He also sees the through the small window on the fire escape door a man run up the stairs. He sees his adviser being escorted out by a man in uniform and he knows that the building is being emptied.

He knows that he is on the last floor of the building, he also knows that the man he saw running upstairs was not a policemen. Quietly he slips through the fire exit.In the maintenance room upstairs, he enters with a smile on his face.

Oh, hello, he says.

The man sitting at the far of the room looks up and smiles.

Game over, Haydy thinks.

They are all looking for you.

The man smiles and pats the seat next to him. Haydy sees his clothes and he knows that the man is carrying a gun. Haydy also knows that the man can kill him but Haydy does not really care. The building has been locked down, Haydy knows that. There is no other way out.

He goes and sits beside the man. Haydy knows that the game is over. He can see that. It is that simple really.

The game my dear sir, he whispers, is over.

Just then several policemen enter the room. They look at the two men sitting together on a bench. Haydy sees them and knows he should walk to them now. The game is over. The killer has been caught, he knows.He has seen everything.

The man at the bench fires a shot at Haydy. He then throws his gun, screams and starts to cry. Clutching his neck, Haydy falls to the ground looking at the man, the killer. Haydy sighs. He did not see this.  His adviser was right. He should have seen the man properly, he should have seen his face.

They are twins, a policeman said and wrapper a blanket around the killer. There there it’s over now. 

Perfection in Black and White

Author: pecsbowen


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