The Inquisitive Suicide Bomber

downbeat squirrels

The above has been sketched by a physicist who goes by the name Maverick. The joke in the sketch is apparent. If you it is not then you should know that the idea of 72 virgins in Islam refers to an aspect of paradise. You can read more about the 72 virgins here

Maverick has an unusual sense of humor and I guess that is why he is a close friend. When he is not solving equations of the universe he likes to sit under the stars and talk about life. We have spend many evenings like that – coffee, smokes and conversation. His sketches are honest and blunt. Needless to say they do not go down well with the general crowd. People really need to learn to laugh at life. 

He very rights quotes Dylan Moore on his home page – 

The fact is that you are not an adult at all – you are just a tall child holding a beer having conversations you don’t understand.

You should check out his work here – Downbeat Squirrels.  Like Downbeat Squirrels and drop him a message here – Downbeat Squirrels.  I have put down a few more below. 

downbeat squirrels downbeat squirrels

Author: pecsbowen


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