Doctor Who – Season 8 episode 11 – Dark Water

Perhaps it is the nostalgia for the days of the doctors past or perhaps it is the energy level of the episode but Dark Water, the season finale part 1 comes as very welcoming surprise. A much needed welcoming surprise.

It took us a while to fall in love with Christopher Eccleston and it took till the end of the Christmas Invasion to like David Tennant. Matt Smith though I am so sorry to say this – Matt Smith I loved right from the start of the Eleventh Hour. But we all hated Peter Capaldi – he was a bit too old, a bit too mean, a fine actor but then poor scripts, terrible predictable plots and rubbish side cast made him look terrible terrible terrible.

Dark Water changes all that. You must see the episode to know what I am talking about. If you want online streaming link leave a comment. Just watch this episode. Your favorite villain with other scary villains is back by the way. And you will fall in love with the new Doctor. You will also feel all those things you feel while watching Doctor Who, all of them.

No spoilers in this post, I know what the Doctor means to those who love him. But in this episode watch out for – Clara’s devious scheming, the Doctor’s intelligent charm, his mean warm dialogues, the plot-turning twists, the favorite villain, another race of nasty villains, a kissing scene between the Doctor and ——- ,and some racist jokes.

You think you are so smart Clara
You think you are so smart Clara


guess who?
guess who?

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