Vampire Diaries – S6ep5 – The world has turned and left me here

One thing that is highly creative about Vampire Diaries or perhaps suggests the lack of creativity is the title of the episodes. So far there have been –

I’ll Remember , Yellow Ledbetter, Welcome to Paradise, Black Hole Sun and The world has turned and left me here. Click on them to find out what they are if you are curious that is.

< — spoilers ahead — to the quite predictable plot —->

So Elena has decided not to remember Damon and move on with her life and we see her flirting with a guy who is clearly not her type though later when he saves a few lives sans any supernatural powers she admits that he is her type. Tyler and Liv have a thing going on on the side and let’s just say his werewolf curse does not get activated in this episode. Stephen has clearly lost it and he wants to move on but the small world of mystical characters from Mystic Falls will not let him. Damon is back from the prison created by the Gemini band of witches, Bonnie isn’t. Damon and Stephen reunite over a bottle of Bourbon while just minutes ago Elena moves on by kissing the new guy who pulled off a Dr. House in the corn fields ( he performed a Tracheostomy – lupus and tracheostomy – two very famous House words).

Right now to the twists which will make me watch the next episode – Stephan’s new dead turned vampire gf is caught by the sadistic Vampire Hunter who also holds Enzo for the moment, Elena has kissed a guy and Damon is back, Bonnie is half dead in the Nowhere Land with the sociopath killer, Rick tried an Original compelling thing on the new hot doctor – didn’t work, Tyler and Liv blah blah really don’t care and yeah that’s about it.


Rick with the new hot doctor immune to Original Compulsion
Rick with the new hot doctor immune to Original Compulsion

Btw did we just see Stephen here . Clicking on here redirects you to the imdb page of the upcoming movie – Before I disappear . I tried to embed the video here but really could not easily, so if you have any tips on how to do it quick and easy on (yup, the free one ) do guide me in the comments below.

I hope you do watch the trailer of Before I Disappear and not judge me for reviewing Vampire Diaries.

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3 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries – S6ep5 – The world has turned and left me here”

  1. I just want to inform you, that he did in fact NOT pull a doctor house. The “tracheostomy” he performed was not indicated. For Tracheal deviation you will not do an emergency cricothyroidotomy. You would do a needle chest decompression (NCD). In real life, that person would have died.


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