Garnier BB Cream – A little miracle for Every-work-day

Long before this contest was up on Indiblogger I had already given Garnier BB Cream a try.

My daily routine is very hectic. It usually goes something like this – get up, go running, catch the metro to work, do some work, give presentations get done with office, travel in the traffic -the smoke, the pollution, the unkind industrial weather in the city- back to hang out with friends and then usually head out for to a club to end a typical week day.


Wikimania_2010_-_Presentation-_Role_of_Women_in_Wikipedia_(II) Women4f59ec6904f12friends-coffee-shopPat+Cleveland+Women+Fashion+FilmFest+Launch+GqmsIY2QhVwl

And the amount of make-up products to make me look my-very-magazine-model-type-best during the entire day –

make-up-products   vs    garnier bb cream

After I used  Garnier BB Cream I was more than happy. Here was a Beauty Balm that was easy to apply and lasted for six hours straight even in the frigid air conditioning of my office which soaks away the moisture and all the women have to take bi-hourly washroom trips to re-do their make-up.

This cream significantly reduced my make-up baggage and just put me in such a new-happy-hassle-free place. Gone were the days when I had to apply three to four layers of different creams, moisturizers, foundations and then sunscreen, and then the extra make-up blush thingies. Such pain, such misery. But with this cream – dab a little on your cheeks forehead and neck and with a little rose water rub it on and you are good to go, in an instant, just like that.

Before we proceed, let me do a quick review of the product –

So Garnier BB Cream  has vitamin C, brightening minerals, almond extracts and also a SPF24 apart from the complex chemistry methyl hydrates of various kinds. It has a glycerin too. They claim it is a miracle skin perfector – it gives you fairness, evens out skin tone, gives a healthy glow,  offers sun protection, reduces imperfection. It is your perfect all-in-one-beauty-balm basically.

Well what they do not mention is that it also has a sweet fragrance which lingers for a while. The cream they claim stays on for eight hours, it does a 6 hour job for me which is more than a working woman could bargain for especially at that price – brightening, smoothing and moisturizing all in one apply. It is easy to use, spreads fine with a finish that is almost superb.

Would I recommend this to my other city-girls? Yes most certainly I would. It is only so often that a girl comes across a little miracle which bathes her in a genuine healthy glow quite unlike the other fake cosmetic shines. Garnier BB Cream in my opinion is a great alternative for the growing experimental middle class women of India, it is easy on the pocket and makes one look well almost as good as the women in the pictures of this post.

This blog post is my entry for the contest “ Garnier BB Cream Contest ” conducted by Indiblogger in association with L’Oreal India PVT. LTD. 

All the images used in this post have been taken from the very generous free-sharing-open-source-kind-of-market that we have on the world wide web. For my take on this kind of sharing, if you are interested please read – this.


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