Who doesn’t love free stuff?

How banking will soon become a social experience 

What catches the users attention is a million dollar question. A lot of research goes in what engages the user in the virtual world. Users make or break a product online and they are often attracted to products which are easy on the eyes and simple to use. For example, when mobile recharges went online, free recharge was a site which was attracting a lot of crowd. Why? It was simple to use and it began a trend which caught on wild fire.

Recent times have seen an increase in the number of online banking accounts and the transactions happening online. Online banking is more user friendly, it is secure ( at least with the big names) and it happens at a click! The immense power and ease in that one click!

Tapping on what is a potential user base Kotak has come with the concept of social banking with – Jifi, the world’s first socially powered bank account.


It is rather simple to use. You can create an account here , which directs you to the home page where you can get your invite either through Facebook or Gmail –


Once you log in with your invite the very easy to use site guides you the procedure to link your social life and your banking and that is where the real fun begins

crowd of crazy teen girls celebrating a famous star on the red carpet

The more active you are online – inviting your friends and by commenting and liking, the procedure is details in the how it works section –


the more points you earn, the more you can redeem them for free stuff. Kotak has tied up with some pretty high end brands and the discounts and the redeeming schemes are a steal. All those invites, comments and likes can get you free movie tickets, discounts on flights , shopping vouchers and even more! The more active you are virtually the more good stuff you will get in real life –

12041068-man-working-on-computer lens18859878_1321134757Fotolia_tween-girls-gifts

As it is online banking is so simple to use and add to that points for every online transaction you make and in return you get free stuff, it possibly cannot get better than this. Or maybe it can, I plan to cash in all my transaction points on the every 30th and in this way I will have a Christmas every month –



Author: pecsbowen


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