Six word tales

Jump. Then I changed my mind.


1. The smallest coffins are the heaviest

2. Brought roses home; keys didn’t fit.

3. Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers.Strangers.

4. Goodbye mission control. Thanks for trying.

5. Voyager still transmitted. But earth didn’t.

6. One bullet is a lifetime supply.

7. Mom taught me how to shave.

8. Introduced myself to mom today, again.

9. I just saw my reflection blink.

Hungarian Tragedy

10. I met soul mate, she didn’t. 

11. An only son; a folded flag.

12. Passengers, this isn’t your captain speaking.

13. Just married, read the shattered wind-shield.

14. Siri, delete mom from my contacts.

15. Jump. Then I changed my mind.

16. He hit send, then a tree.

17. Ever seen chalk outlines that small?

18. What’s your return policy on rings?

19. “Its our fiftieth, table for one”

The original post.  Let the words play.

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Author: pecsbowen


2 thoughts on “Six word tales”

    1. Hey, I just saw this right now.

      And I am so glad you stopped by and read this.

      I read a study recently ( I am trying to find a link, maybe I will update this later) which spoke of survivors who had survived suicide attempts, all were glad they did – they spoke of the change of mind right after they had proceeded with the chosen mode for implementation ( too complicated my language is but I hope you understand what I am trying to say) .

      Nothing is permanent, I find great solace in these words.


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