Write something crazy, she says

The words in the title, they are not mine but a friend has told me to write since that impulse to do something crazy has engulfed me, I will do something crazy I told her; she said write something crazy then.

Crazy could me just pounding, writing about how my entire world has crashed wall by wall bit by bit around me. How all my beliefs have been questioned and I have had to face dejection and loss; how I have nothing to believe in any more expect for the sound of my breathing, the fact that I still breathe and hence I should make it worthwhile.

It is not that bad really, or I think it is not, no it is not really, but then it certainly is crazy and over whelming, I myself am quite surprised how I have been able to hold myself together for so long, without any beliefs. We all have been dead inside once upon a time, some have come to life, others are still there and then a few like me do not know the difference any longer.

Crazy could be me telling you a story of darkness and light but then you have already heard so many right? Crazy could me painting a love story with words more touching that you have ever heard, and lines that will make you cry, something like this :

Damaged she was, broken he was.
Cracks in fate bound them together.
The tainted scripture, their perfect picture. 

But i have done this before and it isn’t crazy any longer.

Or crazy could be me just letting it be, like I tell everyone else, just let it be. Just slide, like Tyler says.


Author: pecsbowen


One thought on “Write something crazy, she says”

  1. Who decides what is crazy? It could be just a change in routine. It is cabin fever time of year. There is a kind of simmering under the surface in the garden.


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