Love and sex

“We ask everything of love. We ask it to be anarchic. We ask it to be the glue that holds the family together, that allows society to be orderly and allows all kinds of material processes to be transmitted from one generation to another. But I think that the connection between love and sex is very mysterious. Part of the modern ideology of love is to assume that love and sex always go together. They can, I suppose, but I think rather to the detriment of either one or the other. And probably the greatest problem for human beings is that they just don’t. And why do people want to be in love? That’s really interesting. Partly, they want to be in love the way you want to go on a roller coaster again — even knowing you’re going to have your heart broken. What fascinates me about love is what it has to do with all the cultural expectations and the values that have been put into it. I’ve always been amazed by the people who say, “I fell in love, I was madly, passionately in love, and I had this affair.” And then a lot of stuff is described and you ask, “How long did it last?” And the person will say, “A week, I just couldn’t stand him or her.” “

– Susan Sontag

Author: pecsbowen


3 thoughts on “Love and sex”

  1. You right sex and love can go together or they can be very different. When it comes to break-ups, you can change how it effects you by changing you perspective. Knowing that all relationships come apart at some point or another is inevitable, and prepare for it by identifying what kind of relationship it is… a healing one, a learning one, a summer fling… it’s your creation.


    1. A man once said – be very clear about where you are going, if you do not know where then even more so because you might actually get there.

      When you say identify what kind of relationship it is, you are right, they all teach you something, it is up to you which lessons you learn.


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