Recharge your hair, Recharge your life.

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Modernization has offered us many boons. Urbanisation being one of them. Women especially Indian women owe both the children of industrialisation their modern free lives where they can work, move around, travel, follow their dreams and do as they please. From times ancient, where only women of a certain pedigree had access to beauty solutions, civilization has moved on to provide equality for most of us. One just has to walk down a market lane to look at the mass media screaming at us offering us a variety of products to groom ourselves, products which leave us with baby soft skin and products which promise to make our lives better.

The market is oozing with products like never before but that has done little to change the indicators of beauty in modern times. Long lustrous hair for instance are still every woman’s dream. The dream is not based on just the visual appeal. Shana Alexander has said :

Hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground.  Hair is terribly personal.

When I speak, I am sure I speak about millions of women like me who move around in the muck of urbanisation and when the moment comes either in schools or in colleges or at the workplace or at that dinner or that party after work the only thing worrying us more about our dress and make-up is whether our hair look fine or not. The reason being one which Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985 said :

Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.   

He said it a bit late, all women have known that since times immemorial. BEcause having good hair just does so much for your life, your self and your self-esteem. And though some of us are gifted and naturally have those shining locks , most of us in today’s times of pollution ,heat, humidity, hard water, life style choices, have to now and then go and recharge our hair. And it is no less that recharging our lives. Recharging your hair can do so many cool things for you :

1. Family life – Never worry about washing your hair right before the puja or that last minute visit to your neighbour, or that family dinner. Recharge your hair and flaunt the tresses to the praise of the many aunties. That last minute call from that cousin who is getting married and is glowing in the pre-marriage parlour treatments while you are running around checking her dresses and doing the odd bits, recharge your hair and look better than the bride.

2. Professional life – Working 5 days a week and having that shines without the salon visits is highly improbable. Recharge your hair and end up every morning as fresh as a flower never having to worry about that trip to the washroom to tidy your hair before entering your workspace. Impress your bosses by returning their calls immediately for that on the spot presentation without having to fix your hair or worrying about how disorganised it is. Recharge your hair and  put the pro back in the professional.

source - internet
source – internet

3. Social Life – After work parties. After work movies.The parties throughout college. That rendezvous with a secret admirer. The smiling at a handsome stranger in the heat, on the road. That call from the boyfriend waiting downstairs while you were upstairs sulking and angry. It is at times like these and many more when you wish you could wash your hair, condition them and be on the go. No hair drying, no towel drying. Just wash, condition and ta-da : here I am with my gorgeous hair. Recharge your hair and be the queen bee, the light of the social life.

source : internet
source : internet

4. Personal life – All women need some time alone. Time alone to figure out what is good for them, what is not and what is it that they want to do with their lives. And sometimes we might want to travel, sometimes we might want to learn salsa. Sometimes we might want to join that cooking class, other times we might want to get a tattoo. And some other times we might want to work for the society, go far away in the rural-ness and live like they did in the olden times. Whether it is the cold terrain of Kashmir, the dry sands of Rajasthan, the humid humid south or the always raining Northeast, dropping your plans because you do not have drop dead gorgeous hair is a thing of the past. Beat the heat, beat the stress, no more dull hair , no more dull life, recharge your hair, recharge your life.

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