LunchBox – Eat.Love.Live

Disclaimer – This is a movie review not a movie reveal. Please do not read the below with high plot hopes. 

When a thinking man makes a movie, it shows not only in the story but in the characters, not only in the direction but also in the production.

The question that everyone should be asking now is – Who is this Ritesh Batra?

It is beyond established that LunchBox is one of the finest movies of the year. That which Maneesh Sharma was trying to achieve in Sudh Desi Romance – the conversations of modern India, Ritesh has polished and delivered in his débutante movie. The movie is so real, the characters are believable, plain and extremely simple. The plot is not far fetched and the actors are not over decorated. They are like you and me – non glamorous, with pain in their hearts and loneliness in their lives.

Food with music in the rain painted across Mumbai city, there was no way this movie was going to fail. It begins on a slow note and is pretty much slow throughout the one hour fifty minutes, just like how real life is – slow and monotonous. It takes us through the compartmentalised lives of the protagonists connected through a tightly coupled system of lunchbox delivery. The story develops on its own as the characters build a relationship of confidences. The actors slip well into the mundane roles and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this film.

Go watch it simply to be touched and to be moved.

Many are hailing this as the entry that will get India the Oscars. I wouldn’t go that far. I would rather wait for Ritesh’s next.




Author: pecsbowen


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