The white marble and the blue river.

It speaks of stories untold. Of the dreams un-lived. Of the many hearts broken. It speaks of yesteryears of grandeur , of leisure, of passions, of dreams, of ambition, of calm, of timelessness, of hope, of longing, of happiness,  of tears.

It speaks to you as you walk along its massive landscape scattered carelessly along the blue river. It speaks of the time gone by. A time when life was grand. A time when life was simple. A time when life was beautiful.

It takes away your thoughts and gives you its own. It makes you want to live the life that could have been, otherwise. It gives you time. It gives you space. A space for your life. A place for new thoughts.

It offers you beauty. It offers you peace. Sit and gaze at its splendour and it tells you that this is how life is to be – big, massive, great, beautiful, peaceful. Slowly it will whisper in your ears the many tales of wonder, slowly it will make you see the life you always wanted to see. It will give you dreams some of yours, a few of its own.

The white marble by the blue river, telling you its stories, listening to yours. It has heard your story. And now your story belongs to it. And it will speak of you to the many others…


Author: pecsbowen


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