Vampire American horror diaries in the House

Nobody really has noticed my absence, neither has me not writing really had any effect on the number of visits on my blog. All hail the states, my most faithful readers come from there, now only if wordpress could narrow it down to the states in the States.

So i am done with three series.

Lets begin with the American Horror Story.

This genre is very new to me. Movies i have seen. Paranormal activity is scary enough though a bit slow and not colorful at all. Then there is Quarantine, another documentary, decently scary. Then the entire genre of zombie movies and psycho thrillers. American Horror Story is fresh, new and though full of rotten things, the intrigue it arouses is enough to finish the entire series. The characters are fairly sketched. There are a few moral lessons in between. The stories of the first season are beautifully woven. The soundtrack is amazing. You have Bernard Herrmann( yes yes the twisted nerve!), Patience and Prudence and John Scott to name a few. The gore is not so much in the first season, there are just a few glimpses of it, here and there. And no there really are no scary scenes in the show. No scenes which will give you that mini heart attack. Nope. Nothing.

The show speaks of human misery and is high on human emotions and the things people do when they are cheated, lied to or not happy. It is very high on human emotions. Tragedy is better suited genre for this series. Horror just because there are ghosts in the series? Hell no. By the end of the first season even the ghosts are given a happy ending and satan is let loose on our planet. Yes, the story makes a lot of sense. It is worth a watch.

Season two is full of even more sick tales of horror. There seems to be no end to how wicked people can get and how they are incapable of controlling their emotions. No wonder America had to have all those self help gurus and all those programs on meditation and self help and all those rehabilitation centers. Yes America of the 20’s, 30’s seems very unruly and there seems to be absolutely no law and order in the american society. Strange. But not as strange as the shit the characters are up to.

The interesting thing about this series is that it is an anthology. And the actors have done a fabulous job. After season one you are a bit hungover on Constance and her sophisticated demeanor as you move with a heavy heart on season two, expecting more to the story of the evil house, but then there is Sister Jude, our own Constance and damn she is a slut-turned-nun. Quite a transformation. And she portrays it smoothly.

Coming to the more interesting topic of this week – episode seven of the Vampire diaries. Yes, yes our prayers have been answered and elena and Damon finally. Klaus and Caroline too. How adorable do they look together!!!

Okay so Jeremy has begun killing vampires all thanks to Stephan who has broken up with Elena after she confessed that she had feelings for Damon, he is in a big hurry to find the cure and cure Elena, like liking Damon is a disease or something. Nevertheless, Jeremy ends up stabbing Elena which in turn leads to Elena moving in with Damon and Stephan getting drunk with Caroline crying out his heart while Elena makes love with Damon( yes yes!).  And that is when Caroline cracks it, yes she finally has something to add to the plot – that Elena is sired to Damon! Sired?! Yes sired!

Oh my goodness, i do not understand what is wrong with the creative people of this show, but they somehow do not want to tarnish the pure image of Elena and make her human. Nope, she was ever perfect and will always be. She only loved Stephan and her feelings for Damon are just some voodoo shit. How ridiculous! When finally all of the fans were heaving a sigh of relief that the show seemed finally believable, then again , we are given this sire shit. Oh c’mon!

And as for House, if you haven’t seen it, you haven’t seen it.


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