Goals : success :: no goals : no success

Many have said that it is important to have goals in your life, for your life. Others have also said that it is very important to set some goals for yourself. A few have gone ahead and said that a life without goals is like a boat without a rudder.

And maybe they are right. Maybe it is important to have goals in your life. A few bench marks that you have set for yourself and hope to achieve. Maybe goals are needed to push yourself out of the bed every morning and maybe they are essential so that the mind does not become a devil’s workshop.

Setting goals is one thing, working for them is another. Researchers and motivational speakers used to say  that once you have set a goal it is very important to keep on reminding yourself about it, all the time. Write it down somewhere, apparently it reinforces the importance of the goal. Put it in a picture, put the picture somewhere you can see all the time so that the goal does not slip out of your mind. Talk about it, so that you are constantly reminded of it.

History has it, that the last point did not help so much. When people began talking about goals to their friends or strangers, surprisingly the success rate fell down. The speakers came up a post result reasoning even for this : the more you talk about it the more your subconscious mind makes you believe that you have already achieved it, ergo you do not work for it, towards it(I have seen that the subconscious mind often takes the blame for most of the shortcomings of the conscious mind). Therefore it is better to keep your mouth shut and just work.

A lot of TED talks have emphasized on the above and concluded be quite , hold your goals close and don’t doubt the impact of hard work.

Is it important to have goals, is the same as asking is it important to have a purpose in life. Why do have a purpose in life? Why is it important to set goals for ourselves?

In the end it is all about how much meaning you add to your life, how much meaning you have in your life and how much meaning you want for your life. A lifespan of 70 years, with almost similar days differ only in the way we can add meaning to every hour. Life becomes more meaningful if we have goals, if we have a purpose. Well, at least it helps pass the time quickly. So if you want to have a long life, do not have goals.


Author: pecsbowen


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