If Mark Zuckerberg were to…

Well most of FB users are bored of the monotonous posts/pictures/memes/songs/videos/shares/pages clogging their newsfeed and are looking for alternatives(mostly very bad) to Facebook which has at the very least made all of us virtual social animals.

Frequent users have begun to get tired of the mindless addiction where you have to have to login and troll around a bit, where the fb tab has to be always open and where you have to mindlessly like mindless posts.

Besides the addiction Fb has been so well internalized in our daily lives that life without fb is unimaginable. Of course  our relationship with fb has gone through that break-up phase where we all have very courageously broken loose of all the strings and deactivated our profile, but then like a lovesick puppy hopped pathetically back into the blue world of love.

So that brings me to the title of this article : what is Mark Zuckerberg were to shut down FB for a day, two days or lets say a week? How would that change our lives? And then following what he saw it did to people, would he dare to do that every month? Would that make people miss it more?

THis could be a very interesting experiment and as long as Mr. Zuckerberg is not facing any losses, he should give it a try!

It would just be very interesting!

It would be a nice change!



Author: pecsbowen


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