Why do we have Rendezvous during the semester break???

This is my final year and it is really not like I am a big fan of the college festival or something. Standards have fallen drastically over the years. My second year rendezvous(2009) was the best so far on many accounts, creativity being the most important one. No, i don’t mean to offend the current teams working their asses off to put the festival in one piece. Don’t take it personally.Its all patch-work, after all.

Just a few random lines of thought from today : why keep the festival during the semester break? How insensitive can the administration really be? Don’t they have the information that a lot many students are not from around delhi and that some belong to really far off parts of the country? And that these students hardly go home. The day scholars, are well day scholars and those who live nearby go home at the first long weekend or that odd holiday in the middle of the week. It is we, the rest of the poor buggers who have to sulk and stay in our messy hostels with the sucky food. And don’t we ever feel like going home? Is the campus really worth missing maa-ke-haath-ka-khana and papa-ka-pyaar?

How can the administration force us to choose between the festival and going home? Why is it taking decisions for us?

Or is it just telling us that yeah the festival sucks anyway so you might as well skip it and relax at home?

Or is this the price you have to pay if you live in say Madras and are a cordi ?

Or is this just another way for our already very academics-centric institute to make people lose interest in all extracurricular activities?

But then that makes no sense – with the satti rule?

Or maybe it is these people really do not want to waste the “study time” of these very scholarly satti students. I hear about this new Dean and some new policy that people will not be able to put up extracurricular activities in their resumes from the next year. Why don’t they just get a firing squad and execute the five pointers?

And oh, just off the record if the analytics department of the institute has been looking at the numbers then it will see that a lot many more people have got their degrees extended, most of them from the first year itself. They might say the number of students has increased and the ratio has remained constant. But first year???!!!!

I really do not like to be put in a situation where  I am forced to choose between family and friends. I really want to hear to what you guys have to say to this. It is not fair, like most things around us, for one. For others…. ?


Author: pecsbowen


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