First and second. Second and first.

Knowing and seeing. Seeing and knowing.

Knowing and loving. Loving and knowing.

Feeling and caring. Caring and feeling.

Thinking and doing. Doing and thinking.

Love and lust. Lust and love.

Believing and living. Living and then believing.

Mummy and daddy. Daddy and mummy.

Laughter and pain. Pain and laughter.

Lessons and experience. Experience and lessons.

Beliefs and logic. Logic and beliefs.

Friends and family. Family and friends.

Price and value. Value and price.

Me and you. You and me.

Us and the world. The world and us.

The system and you. You and the system.

Summer and winter. Winter and summer.

Pride and honor. Honor and pride.

Ego and success. Success and Ego.

Failure and success. Success and Failure.

Man and hero. Hero and man.

Humility and greatness. Greatness and humility

Author: pecsbowen


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