Barfi! – soul touching sweetness

And once in a while they make a movie which will touch you do deeply so softly so unknowingly that you will be rendered speechless. You will be washed in purity and the movie will take away your stress and leave you feeling so vulnerable and hopeful at the same time that you will not be burdened by the process of thinking but will be forced to use your heart and mind together. The movie will make your modern day troubles and worries seem sad and pathetic. The movie will make you want to sing and dance and just feel and believe. The movie will be the most profound emotional experience you would have had in recent times and you will feel rejuvenated. 

Many things make Barfi! work. A pictureque setting. Well scketched characters. Subtle puns. Fine acting. Brilliant performances.Ranbir Kapoor. Priyanka Chopra. And a somewhat over the top musical score, but that is alright. It works well for the emotions.

Barfi! is not simply a movie. It is an experience. Not a journey but an experience.

And it saddens me, the news that is doing the rounds of the top 10 scenes of the movie being copied and lifted. I say : so what? Big Deal. They made it work anyway. And yes, you should still send this movie for the Oscars.

Analyzing this movie will kill its spirit. And it will spoil your experience. Just book your tickets and go see it!


Author: pecsbowen


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