How often should I change my shampoo???

I really do not know how many of you have faced this, but i do know that my shampoos and conditioners do not work so great after a certain usage time. Lets say, i bought my shampoo and it felt great on its first use, and it felt like i had finally found the shampoo of my dreams and that god oh god thank you very much, i will never have to look at any other shampoo ever again in my life and that my hair will now be loved and get the proper treatment that they deserve.

But after the honeymoon period of a month is over, reality strikes and it is the same old story, like with every other brand. The spark and the shine are gone and my loyalty is questioned and sulking i am forced to look at other options in the market.

Leaving the melodrama aside, its a fair assumption that all of you have experienced the same. And i was doing some thinking about it and then i carried out a few experiments myself and its a safe bet to try out a new shampoo every one and a half months. And a new conditioner now and then. Couple this with a few home made remedies that your mom always told you about, and you could easily do away with the hair-spas. I have noticed that the difference between salon treatment and that which we give ourselves at home or in the hygienic confines of our hostel bathrooms is just the amount of effort and hard work we are willing to put in the latter. Salons just make you extremely lazy and yes you do feel pampered, yeah okay…its just the same, i like my salons too 🙂

Switching between good brands now and then is a decent thing to do and it is wonderful for your skin. Do take precautions if you have extremely sensitive skin, of course refrain from any form of experimentation then and stick to natural products as much as you can. Speaking of natural, try out a milk bath. Yes, a complete milk bath, warm milk if you should. Its really good for your skin, amazingly good, will leave your skin baby soft.

Though i am bit picky when it comes to creams for my face, but i do switch between my moisturizers now and then. Here too herbal products are a preferred choice. I am not endorsing a certain brand, but Body Shop products are really good and worth a try. They suit the Indian skin much better than MAC products.

The thing with switching is that your skin gets used to a certain product and tends to develop a certain resistance to the effects of the chemicals in the products that we use. That is the most wonderful thing about your mom’s homemade remedies, they are natural and therefore the skin welcomes them with open arms. No artificial chemicals which lose their  freshness after being 2-3 years on the shelf. So, when you switch over to a new product, the skin is faced with different chemicals which react with it in the desired manner and therefore you see the stark difference sometimes in the first use itself. This happens with certain Tea Tree oil face packs that i use, some of them are so effective in the first fresh use, but then when i go weekly on them, i really do not see much of a difference.

So go ahead, try this and lemme know how fabulously it worked out for you. 🙂

This has nothing to do with vanity, but since i have taken a stand in this post, it just makes sense to post a self-picture.


Author: pecsbowen


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