Ways to keep yourself motivated

Remember, when we were kids and the world was a beautiful place, an exciting place, that we were so keen on discovering and exploring? Remember the time when we believed in butterflies and rainbows and happy endings, and some of us even believed in karma and in the theory of positive conspiracy? And remember that we almost believed Shahrukh Khan when he told us in Om Shanti Om, ki hamari Hindi filmo ki tarah agar ending mein sab kuch thik na ho, toh picture abhi baki hai mere dost. But then remember, something else happened: we grew up, and reality hit us, all of us, pretty bad.

It is in these banal times of daily monotonous activities, when every day is like every other day, just like school times, except that we are not that excited about life or anything else about it any longer, that we need our daily dose of motivation, inspiration …adrenaline. It is also in these grown up times that we constantly need to reach out to outer sources to boost up our self confidence, get makeovers to feel good about ourselves and repeatedly engage in activities that get us approval of the others. But we forget, like we always do, that all that we are looking for outside, lies within us. You do not get motivated by watching an amazing movie or reading a self-help book or for that fact by reading this article. What you do get motivated by is by:

1. Being Positive:

Yes, this is as clichéd as it gets. And of course I know you have heard of this before. But like a great man once said, be the change you are looking for. Being positive does not mean being overtly optimistic or being foolishly optimistic. It means, molding your thought process in a way that is optimal to your survival and helps you lead it in happiness. It means manipulating your thoughts so that you can compromise on a bit of the ways of the world you were raised on, and adopt an outlook that actually benefits you. It means, choosing what the best is for you and sticking to it, but this does not come until you are:

2. Become Dynamic:

And by this I mean, be constantly on the move. Always be doing something. Like another great man said, life is too short, and someone else added: life moves too fast. You should always be doing things. Trying something new. Making new friends, having a new hobby, trying out new clothes, different food, visiting new places, learning something new, doing some experimental reading, learning to solve the sudoko, setting higher aims, tending after a garden…

It is in action that we learn and discover out true selves and it is in these actions that the thought processes that we developed in the above number are tested and then renewed.

The only constant thing about life is change and if you don’t change, you stagnate. And to avoid stagnation, you have to:

3. Push yourself out of the bed:

You have to break that habit, come out of that depressed state of yours and start acting. You have to push yourself out of the bed! How is this a self motivation tip?

Go ahead, try it, next time your alarm goes off, instead of snoozing it, control your impulse to sleep, push yourself out of the bed and take a morning jog and see how wonderful your day goes.

The subtle point I am trying to make is, get rid of habits which are unproductive and destructive to yourself. And for this you have to:

4. Learn to say no.

You have to learn to say no to things and people that do not help you to develop yourself, things that are holding you back. You have to learn to value people for what they are worth and not a penny more and you have to learn to treat them accordingly. Nothing should stand in the process of your self-development: in the path of your happiness.

You are not doing anything morally wrong by being rude to that person, who has no life and thinks you are the only friend they have got and asking them to leave you alone. Pity, when it meddles with your personal growth, is a very destructive tool. And the world is filled with leeches who survive by making you believe that the world is indeed a sad place and that we live in hopeless times.

Learn to say no: to your boss, to your friends, to your family, to your girlfriend, to your boyfriend, to that beggar on the street and don’t let anybody take undue advantage of you.

Taking some time out for yourself,  works wonders for your self confidence. Join a gym, go jogging, or join a dancing class. When you work on yourself and with yourself, you realize all that you are capable of doing. You start dreaming again, you start thinking. And thinking, positive, dynamic, uninhibited thinking is a great self motivator.

And after you are all that self motivated, it is important not to let the positive cycle break:

5. Start doing things for others:

Humans are social animals. And Facebook has more than slapped that in our faces. But nevertheless, it is very important for yourself that you choose a pure center for yourself. What usually happens when we grow up is that a lot of negativity enters our lives, our thoughts and our actions. And this, then saps out our energy to do anything worthwhile. Ever wondered: what is the meaning of life? If you have, you need to go back to the kids to tell you the answer.

Interact with kids; they are the purest form of energy in the universe.

Initially, here I wanted to tell you to do favors for others, smile at a stranger, do a good deed for the day, donate clothes, help the elderly, or just call up your parents and tell them you love them, miss them, surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend, compliment you boss, save the world and all that, but I would rather just ask you to find some time to spend with kids, and see for yourself how it changes your perspectives and how well it motivates you.

6. The secret of successful people:

The secret is that they are self motivated. And why are they self motivated? Because they are crazy…about an idea, a belief, a dream, a notion, a notion which can as be as absurd as: I always want to perfect at everything I do. Obsession and action are two very volatile self motivators.

7. be honest

Honesty is a great confidence booster. Learn to be honest to yourself, and to others. Stop the habit of impulsively lying and making excuses. If you are fat, don’t deceive yourself into believing otherwise, accept it and do something about it. Honesty has multiple benefits. One since you are not lying, you do not waste your energy and thoughts in making up and covering lies and therefore have a large reserve of energy to tackle bigger tasks. Two, since you are honest, you can see things more clearly, which through some more hard work, will lead to acceptance and then finally action to change it and make things better. Three, you earn the respect of others. Everyone respects and fears an honest man, because an honest man has nothing to be sacred of. And once you have nothing to hide, nothing to lie or cheat about, and once you have learned to accept circumstances, where from will the depression set it?

8. Be alive!

The most important factor that keeps one motivated is life, is being alive!  Or at least feeling alive.  Money and  all things glittering are fine, i even agree that if i have to sad and depressed and that if indeed life has no meaning at all, i would rather be hopeless in my choos and in my air-conditioned house.  But it is about the other things in the end. It is about your friends and about your family. Keep the people you love close and they will do the maximum in keeping you motivated. Don’t be afraid of love, it has never killed … so many…


I write for this online site, and this article was published there sometime back : http://www.newsyaps.com/finding-motivation-within-us/


Author: pecsbowen


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