Harry Potter – Forever Bewitched

A lot has been written about Harry. And a lot more will be written. The novel made history and not just in terms of the money and sales figures. It was a magical time living in the world of potter, waiting eagerly for the books and movies to come out, dressing up as witches and trying to fly the broom. And all those of us who have grown up with potter will confess that we did wait for that letter to arrive from Hogwarts, that we did try and talk to snakes and that we did pick up random wooden sticks and waved them around, hoping things will fly and that we were too indeed magical.

Harry holds special significance for those who have aged with him. When he was 11, i was 11 and when he turned 17 so did I.  The movies got a bit late and i must confess in the last part, the Deathly Hallows, i was making snide remarks and laughing, but still a few moments in the movie touched me. Growing up with potter, now my thoughts are a bit distracted and i am thinking of all those pictures on Facebook proclaiming loudly that the 90’s kids were the coolest, this only the 90’s kids will understand, if you grew up watching Cartoon Network in English your childhood was awesome and if you had real friends as a child , well then you are awesome. I fail to understand the awesomeness behind this. Really.

Those were the times of no-smart-phones. Those were the times of video games. And those were the times of playing outside in the rain. Today’s times are different. And look at these tech-savvy kids. Does their childhood really suck? It is all relative and I am pretty sure our parents grew up thinking that their childhood was more awesome than ours. So take the  cue and realize that you are just getting old.

Okay, now that that is settled, we can get back to Potter. Everybody has spoken of the true friendship in the book, the importance of love, being good , doing the right thing, standing up against your enemies, confronting your dark side, loving with all your heart, respecting your elders, being brave etc etc. The series has been torn apart and analysed to the core. And what amuses everybody is the appeal of an 11 year old orphan with a scar and some magic. Rowling did not do anything great. The language employed in the book is very simple. No notable literary techniques have been used anywhere in the book. The plot is as old as the Methuselah. The teen romances are just as casual as any other Sweet Valley novel and the twists and turns are pretty predictable. And unlike Bollywood action movies which promise an engaging climax, Voldemort died a rather pitiful death. And heck she has not even invented a new language ( remember Lord of the Rings?) !

So what matter makes Potter so special?

Two things.

One, is its universal appeal. Back then kids all around the globe were enchanted by the same ideas. They were all thinking about the same things, hoping for the same magic and captivated by similar notions. Harry Potter succeeded in doing what the bands of 60s had hoped for. Uniting the world with an idea. And though the idea was as cliched as magic, it connected with every one who read the books and it touched every soul that was ready to feel.

Second, the tie up with Hollywood. A movie was inevitable given the success of the books. Warner Bros and Chris Columbus gave color and shape to our imagination and they sure did a heck of a job! Daniel Radcliffe will always remain Harry no matter how many Women in Black dement him! And Emma Watson, no matter how hot she gets, she will always be the nerd for us. It was a stroke of luck when Emma, Daniel and Rupert signed up for the movies and what could be greater than being remembered as Harry ….forever?

Potter will always be very close to those who have grown up with. To those who have been a part of the magical journey. And for all those muggles who made the magic possible!

Go ahead, write down your favorite potter quote or tell me why you fell in love with potter?


Author: pecsbowen


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