The amusing world of lerds

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, Chetan Bhagat had used this term in one of his articles in which he compared politicians from engineering and arts backgrounds. I am a nerd aka an engineer and after quite sometime i came across a lerd friend and I could not but remember his article and well the description was rather apt. No this person who provoked this line of thought is not a politician , but i really do not see why she cannot become one.

Sit and philosophize and talk and keep on talking endlessly about everything. Social structures, social habits, people, kids, social norms, men and how utterly incapable they are of holding a decent and long conversation with a women, about how times have changed, what is the world coming to , and how exciting were the times we were living in, okay now we are just tending to a middle age crisis, but read the first few again and you will get what i mean. Do engineers even bother about these things? Or rather do they have the life left in them to even think about such trivialities?

Its amusing, we see the patterns, we see the connections, we see the effects and we see how the chain works. But we would rather not discuss such things, because they are trivialities? Because we do not need to project or discuss things to prove our competence? Because we know, we know and we know that another nerd would know so what is the point in discussion. There is only so much you can think and so much you can talk about such things and the conclusions are almost the same. Engineers are more action and solution oriented, Bhagat said. And unknowingly, i saw that today. Engineering has taken the banal out of our lives, sucked it out in such a tedious manner that we are all above common trivialities.

So really it does not hurt us to see our nation this way, or that it is said that our politicians are so, and that corruption is as rampant as illiteracy. No, we don’t feel. We think. And we can tell you what to do to solve it, or at least provide an optimized solution that leads to the general satisfaction and the greater good( lerd pun intended)


Author: pecsbowen


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