How to get over your break-up

Break-ups can be nasty and if you have had a rather interesting relationship and have been in love and did see the butterflies and rainbows for sometime, then getting over and moving on could be very difficult. A pain. And seem almost impossible.

breaking up can be a pain

But, life does go on and you wish you could die and time could stop, but life goes on and time does eventually heal everything.

Now if you are the kind who can be active even in pain, then here are a few tips that can help you move on and get your life back in order, or get your life in a new order :

1. Move on, get a new guy/girl – rebounds work amazingly, and well yes this does sound a bit harsh but this one is the most practical way to move on. What happens in any relationship is that a person becomes a part of your routine and the little things you do with him, the funny things that you say to her are all that fill up your day. If you want to move on then it logically becomes essential to build a new routine and what better way than to build up a new one with the adrenaline rush of a brand new relationship! I know this is cheap, and that i should tell you to be strong and believe in yourself etc etc, but shoot that. If you see your ex moving on, boy, it is going to hurt and try moving on then. Okay even this is a cheap shot. But i am just talking about what is practical and works the best and the fastest.

2. Start doing something – When was the last time you made new friends? Went shopping? Indulged in a little chocolate and did something just for yourself? Go ahead, feel the lightness for having all those thoughts just for yourself and don’t be bogged down by the worries of someone else. Pick up a new hobby, join a band. Do not sit in your room and sulk. The world moved on while you were too busy in bed. Go get back into it!

3. Stop all contact – There is no, we are cool and we can still be friends. Rubbish! Stop all contact after the break-up. If he calls, do not answer. If she comes to the door, do not answer. Block on facebook. Block on gtalk. Block block everywhere and do not try to contact at all. Do this alteast for a month till you have your peace of mind back. Checking out his profile is not going to do you any good. Waiting for her to ping, you might die in the process.

4. Go shopping – Cliched again, but shopping really helps. Go to the mall, spend some time with your friends, try on a new dress or a new nail paint. Two things might happen, one the dress might not fit, because the comfort of your past relationship made you lazy and you have gone fat; or the dress might pit perfectly and you will be left feeling amazing about yourself. Of course chances are you might still end up crying( i am not telling you why). But shopping diverts, and diversions are all you need.

5. Do not read a book – For many people the idea of doing something is reading a book. Do not do that. Tell me, how can you concentrate when there is a hurricane of thoughts in your head? And what happens if you pick up a love story? Reading is a bad idea. You need to do things which are more physical.

6.Rebound sex is a sucky idea – Some of my friends have tried it and goes without saying did not work out so well for the girls. As for the guys, well , it was slam baam buh bye.

Relationships change you. Alter you. There really is no way you can actually get over some one. Part of them remains with you. It was your time and therefore all you can do is bury it. But their is a lot more to life and if you are still reading this, please find something useful to do…

How have you managed to get over your break-up? Or have you managed to at all?

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Author: pecsbowen


5 thoughts on “How to get over your break-up”

  1. My serious boyfriend of 16 months broke up with me in August and I haven’t gotten over it one bit. I’ve tried just avout everything and we haven’t talked since late August. He said he wanted to be friends cuz I’m impotant to him but I knew I needed time if I could ever get there. No one has attempted contact accept for a simple “hey” when we see eachother and pass by every great once in a while.


    1. That is just quite sad and I can understand what it does to your heart, Tess.
      I guess he was just being polite when he said he wanted to stay friends, most people usually are.
      Give it time it will be fine.
      Either that, either you can wait for time to heal you or you can be proactive and make up your mind to move on. You have say you have done everything to get over it but action without determination gets you nowhere.
      If it still makes you so sad then it is simply not worth all the mental trouble, clearly isn’t to him since he does not even have the courtesy to say a “hi”. I take back my earlier words, he wasn’t being polite, there was no reason to why he said that.
      Anyway, make up your mind to move and the rest will fall into place.


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