The Pros and Cons of being with “him”

Pros :

1. Great listener. Will never ask me to shut up or get lost or not listen and i might get tired of yapping, but he will listen, he will call, he will recharge, he will laugh, he will comment, he will be on the other end of the line always.

2. He has a car, will take me shopping, might even pay, will take me out, will let me drink, will drink with me and still behave.

3. He will not look at other girls, will talk to me, tell me everything, make me feel like a queen, i will be the center of his world, all his niceness and morals and good outlook will leave an impression on me and make me change my outlook.

4.Will take me out for walks and look forward to them.

5.Will be with me 24 hours and not get bored and still get up the next morning and call me.

6.Will do my assignments and submit them, and help me study and will buy me nice books.

7.Will be the shoulder to lean on and the humor to make me laugh.

8.Will consider himself lucky for having found me and will still think i am beautiful at 50.

9.Will want to have a family with me and kids and grandkids and blah blah bla

10.Blah, blah bla

Cons :


Author: pecsbowen


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