She moved slowly, her muscles aching more with every grasp.  As she felt herself, feeding his peaking desire, she grinned to herself. He didn’t see her smile. His eyes were closed. He moaned. She deliberately slowed her pace and grasped him more tightly. He opened his eyes to look at her disheveled hair around her glowing face, her eyes fixed on him.

She dug her nails on his chest and moaned unbelieving, tightening herself around him. Slowly very slowly, she pulled him over, fooling him into taking control and surrendering herself to him. He knew he was being fooled. Even under him, she was pulling all the strings. Lying helpless, under him, moaning, having no qualms about her desire, she looked stripped bare to the soul.  For a moment he stopped, wanting time to freeze. But then she pulled him towards her in one hungry movement and he groaned.

Lying on the bed, with his arm protectively around her, she stared at the ceiling. She felt the wind on her face.  She slowly moved her head towards the window. The sky felt a bit closer from the 43rd floor. She moved his arm away and walked to the window, looking at the far-away stars.

She lit a cigarette and looked at the naked man in the bed. How many times did she orgasm? Four maybe. How many times did she feel?

She smirked and threw her coat over her shoulders, stepped into her heels and taking a long drag, walked through the silver door.

To be noted :This is first of my fantasy writings that i dared to post. The photo in the note is an original too and this friend of mine, she and me, are so perfect together, the love of my life, as she says.


Author: pecsbowen


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