Once there was god, and then there was him…

I wrote this in 2010, but for my love,i put it back again…

With you slipping to world no. 3 for the first time since November 2003, I don’t know how long it is before “they” crucify you or declare that “you” are over. Claim that your time is up and that you’ve had far more than your share of wins and that its time you honorably step back and let others rule…Yes, there is time for that, but until then…

Remember the 16 titles that you have earned, remember the records broken(16 Grand Slam titles, breaking the previous all-time male record of 14 by Pete Sampras etc,), remember the records made(only male player in tennis history to win at least five consecutive titles at two different Grand Slam tournamentsonly male player in tennis history to win the same two Grand Slam tournaments back to back for four consecutive years, only male tennis player to win three different Grand Slam tournaments at least four times each etc.), remember the time when only your girl and your family stood by you and also remember this time when your fans are with you and desperately hoping that you get back in the game and fight back that which is yours and even then if it has to end, then let the end come in a glory with your head raised high.

I love you Federer, love you for your game,adore you for your attitude, worship you for sportsmanship and follow you for your ideals. And at a time like this, I, we want you to know that you do not stand alone.

Author: pecsbowen


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