How do tall girls act cute?

Short girls do it by a tilt of d head, a frown on d lips, with a shrug of those tiny delicate shoulders or with a roll of d eyes n a stamp of that small foot…

Little girls can be cute…very easily. A wink and a smile, a giggle here and a tantrum there and they are adorable dolls, fragile, too delicate to be handled.

Tall girls on the other hand, when they employ the same methods, the sweet purrs, the tossing of the hair, the clicking of tongues, come across at east to me, awkward and clumsy.

I mean, tell me, if a long-legged beauty,crosses her legs and pouts and purrs, is she cute or is she sexy?

A wink with those long eye-lashes and an angry growl, would that make her look fragile or desirable?

Would you want to cuddle her or make better use of your hands?

So really how do tall girls act cute? Well, they don’t need to.




Author: pecsbowen


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