Shanghai : how good is better?

Dibaker Banerjee makes a brave effort. And the movie is very artistic. And thank god very short.

I am not going to give away the plot of the movie. This one you have to watch, to either love it or hate it. I am not going to comment on the acting, which was here and there, amidst the political rallies and the incessant dancing of the common folk. The music : only one item track and the rest the beat of the drums.

This is a movie for the intellectuals. And even for them it is short on dialogues, powerful dialogues. But it scores high on scenes, people, pictures and stills. The way the camera moves in this movie is the crux of the movie. The close ups and the perfect delivery of the poor crafted dialogues is the high point of the movie. Thank goodness, they had Kalki , Abhay and Emraan and other veteran actors who do a good job no matter what.

This is an art movie. It is a slow movie. It is an intelligent movie, leaving conclusions and connections to the viewers, not many directors do that. If you haven’t seen the trailers, you won’t know what shanghai is. The word is not mentioned even once in the movie. It is a different movie. It is a nice movie.

What i liked about it apart from the many intelligent frames and how they connect are the subtle puns on everything political, like when  the writer steps out of the plane and makes way to the actress with an accent, telling the media : no, no, me and priyanka are very good friends, and when he steals a bit of her limelight and talks about issues that matter and how the media switches from country to glamour. All this happens very fast and is highly satirical. Like the entire movie. A first time dig is taken at indian pornography also. And man, it looks bad.

And politics.  The plots, the people, the players, the power-play, the administration, the corruption. Very silently portrayed and Abhay Deol does a great job. A great job.

Kalki was handed a raw deal. The characters could have been better developed. A different movie nevertheless, different from the mainstream cinema, which was rowdy last week.

And if you are wondering what to make out of my title, i wonder what you will make out of the movie…


Author: pecsbowen


2 thoughts on “Shanghai : how good is better?”

  1. i liked it … people in PVR plaza were not gettting the plot at all, which was evident from the constant murmuring going on and occasional comments about “what the hell was going on ?”
    I liked the movie because of the raw nature of story, it shocks most people (or does it? or may be they are like: “ye kaise dikha diya ?” ). The movie is slow, which was another reason for the general public to reject it. I am afraid that it will face the same fate which Dil Chahta hai faced at the hand of junta (although it had a list of hit songs, this one doesnt have that ;))


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