Snow white and the Huntsman – something old and something new

With Twilight, i thought Kristen Stewart did justice to the roll of Bella, politely ignoring the way she has been crucified for being expression-less. But now with Snow-white, i have to accept that she is a very bad actor riding on the fame of the vampire series. Is there something wrong with her jaw, that she cannot move it and make sounds?

The story made more sense than the Disney classic. Though they could have given Snow white a bit of pure magic itself, like being able to save that poor little dwarf’s life. It is a fairy tale after all and we all have been dying for the good people to have some really strong pure magic than the J.K.Rowling’s cliched love is the strongest of them all ones. Another thing snow-white could also have had was a decent wardrobe. She has just around four costumes in the entire movie. Oh no, wait 5, i forgot the last one where is crowned the queen.

Which brings us to the evil queen, played by Charlize Theron. Remember she won the Oscar for Monster, wonder what made her pick up this script? But then through the movie, she tells you why they gave her Oscar. Brilliant performance behind which she tries to mask the poor dialogues and the somewhat weak screen-play. One of the most scintillating scenes is when she is taking her milk bath. This one has been superbly shot. Her metamorphosing into the crows and dragging herself in blood, her going old and young now and then, her being cruel, her being thoughtful, her being kind, have some very fine bits of acting, though the concluding scene where she is killed by snow-white is a let-down on two accounts. One, she is so powerful, did she really not see that snow-white had the dagger? Two, the dialogue Kristen delivers, and by fairness it shall be destroyed, or something like that, fairness being the keyword, kills all that Theron tried to captivate us with : she goes on to draw a weak likeness between herself and snow-white, i could see the writers getting philosophical here, but no snow-white killed it all.

The newness of the movie lies in its plot, a sensible plot, punctured by Stewart’s poor acting. The oldness lies in its fairy -tale concepts. The newness lies in the cruelty of the Ravenna. ( I did not even know the evil queen had a name), the oldness lies in the victory of the good over evil. Snow-white leading an army of men, well that is new. The moving speeches to instigate the mob- that is old. True love’s kiss – very old. But in the end just acknowledging him and not running into his arms, just standing there and smiling at your people, like a queen, that is very new!

The movie is good on graphics, yes i agree. The soundtrack is fresh and well-suited, yes i agree again. The concept of true love’s kiss is given a twist, they twisted the entire plot by making the huntsman drunk and having him fall in love with the fair lady. Did anybody notice both her lover’s do not indulge in passionate kisses? Is it because Kristen is so cold? A recent vampire convert, Breaking Dawn part 2 anyone?

And just by looking at the shoddy way i have reviewed it….if you get what i mean.


Author: pecsbowen


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