Things college/hostel taught me…

They call it life lessons. And i agree to the extent of their gratification. Beyond that, its just survival, and that is one of the many things below that college has taught me.

  • Remember as a child, in your very clean home, when you wore the same set of clothes for more than a day, the odor they would give out and would make you want to throw them into laundry. Hostel taught me to forget that smell, and wear my favorite tshirts without a wash, forever and everywhere.
  • For people of my generation, who got their first cell phones in coaching or when they began college, i have been taught the value of 0.03 balance with free messages. I have also been made a user of free messages. I have also been made a messaging addict. There was a time, when giving missed calls was a fad, but now the people who do it are just cheap. Free messages is the new missed call baby.
  • College life busted the myth of regular studying, learning from classes and doing assignments beforehand.  I have mastered the art of amassing a lot of knowledge in a short spam of 12 hours, submitting highly creative assignments, literally a paper-machie of wiki, google and papers of idiots who have put their research out their on the web for all to see. I wonder whether these people put the same up on their fb profiles too.
  • I have become an excellent forger. Courtesy : proxies. Medical certis taught me photoshop.Not to mention that many of my friends, initially had to change their signatures.
  • I have learned to survive on less than 100 rs for four days, and when that runs out, i have learned to survive on mess food.
  • Harmony with all living beings : i have come to peace with the fact, that lizards and all other sorts of creatures( i really don’t care about the rest, its the geckos which would terrify me before) and also that cats would just loiter around the hostel corridors and even lecture theaters. They are now a part of the big family.
  • I have become a tea addict. Before that i was a coffee addict. Before that it was coke ( cola). For sometime it was momos. And when the cravings for these little things arise, i am a one-woman mission and no sleep until I am done with finding the answer.
  •  I have learned that not every family is the same, that people are very much a reflection of their parents(no matter what they say) and that being board minded is just a hobby few indulge in.
  • I have learned that a pair of jeans can last for a week, or more, and that i can wear the same to a very classy restaurant and not feel out of place.
  • I have learned to break rules, knowing that my friends will save my ass.
  • I have learned to laugh at people and then, even at myself.
  • I have learned that only change is constant, nothing stays, not true love, not that lovely figure, not that favorite t shirt, not good friends. But then, again, you get new and better ones. And people do come back, and with a few nothing actually changes.
  • I have learned that my life, is fucking interesting that any of the hollywood/bollywood scripts ever written. I have also  learned that every body feels the same. Reminds of taare zameen pe : every child is special.
  • I have seen that day-scholars have really sad lives.
  • I have seen that some(well, all) people will go anywhere for free alcohol. And well, i have learned the value of treats.
  • A clean room is a myth. Somebody please explain that to my mom. And people who have very tidy rooms, have amazing amount of time on their hands.
  • I have learned to watch movies alone(on my laptop). I have also learned to watch movies in a room full of people, with no place to sit(in my own goddamn room).
  • I have worn my bathroom slippers, everywhere.
  • I have learned that lent money seldom comes back, and that it is not rude to remind people that they owe you money. I have also learned not to lent money to everyone. Some people are just dicks.
  • I have learned to use people to my advantage, and i admit it, i am not ashamed of it.
  • I have learned the importance of biscuits and other small eating things, and now i can finish a pack in one go.
  • I have learned that butter does make you fat ( this is where i envy the guys : why you no put on weight !)
  • I have seen that my dresses from sarojini are as good as from select, and that nobody can fucking tell the difference.
  • I have become a cult person. In phases i have followed heavy metal, psychedelic and trans. In other phases i have followed quentin tarantino, james dean and jimmy carson. In yet others i have..well never mind.
  • I have also learned that insomnia strikes right after exams, and that i can doze of to heaven like sleep anywhere.
  • I have gotten a tattoo…well a fake one, at least.

Go ahead, add to the list..


Author: pecsbowen


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