The longer the distance traveled…

All the girls should read it till the end, the men : hahahaha

Traveling is an experience. Life altering at times. Long ago, a gentleman’s education was not considered complete, until the eurotrip had widened his perspectives and added layers to his character. Like when the word was new, travel held value. The roads, the trees , the people on the way and the scent of every place, left an impact on the traveler and the tan of his face and the dirt on his feet had their own stories to narrate.

In his book the Hind Swaraj, Gandhiji criticizes the then recent railway system arguing, in lay man terms that it took the fun out of traveling and people suffered a place lag if they traveled longer distances in short spans of time. Meaning that they valued the journey less, and well for the reals its the journey that matters.

But coming back, i was traveling by metro today and i saw this massive crowd of people, one top of the another, here and there and everywhere, and i assume, traveling such ridiculously long distances everyday to get to work, college and god knows where where to finish the daily liabilities. How much time do they waste everyday? Does the looking at each other(i travel by the ladies compartment) from head to toe, who is wearing what, eavesdropping(now that can’t be avoided) on others gossip , yapping on the phone, or like me looking at the world outside, really make up of the humongous amount of time wasted everyday? How does it add to us? Those two hours, four hours , six hours?

Not getting into the ideal set-ups for the successful long-term running of the modern society, i really wanted to complete this note, but my x is asking me for a ridiculous favour and someone online is like ” hey you are single, i am single” and i am just so amused with the “man”kind…rolls her eyes…men!


Author: pecsbowen


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