How to make your woman crazy about you

Most men think its roses and chocolates and teddy bears and cards. Most men even think that a nice movie, candle light dinner, nice music and a long drive would do the trick. And with dating being taken on in the virtual reality of facebook and messaging, most men think that liking your girlfriends posts, pictures and commenting :* on her every update is enough for the girl. Gosh, if only these men would think a bit more.

What men there need to realize is that a lot of men before them have tried to woo us. With the same things. Of course the one who threw in a solitaire stood a better chance. But we have already seen this before. We have our own fair share of stuffed toys and dresses and jewelry and all those blingy thingys. And the dinner and the movie have become passe. But our need to be made to feel special has not.

So guys, if you have a dumb bimbo for a girl, most of the things above would work, but if your girl is special to you, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. When you plan a date with her, even if it is just a dinner, plan it! Think about it! Think! Think about what she likes, think about what she is into recently, and then plan. A slight digression from your daily couple activities might do no harm. Take her out to a play, or to an art gallery. Or to a monster trucks show. Something new, something different. Ask her to dress up properly, and you wear a tux , and go to a really posh place and have a sophisticated evening.


2. Leave little messages. Does your girl have a laptop? Scribble a nice message on a page and post it on her laptop. So when she reaches her room, and opens it up, she is in for a surprise. Have her wallet with you? Archies have these really cute thinking about you cards. Slip one inside while she is not looking. Getting cosy with her? Slip a paper in her jeans pocket!


3. Buy her small insignificant gifts. Cheap jewelry. Bracelets. Earrings. Just like that. You don’t need an occasion.


4. Take her out to do an activity, she is scared of. She has never done before. Be there and hold her hand. Gift her a puppy, or a lion cub whichever she likes.


5. Write her a poem.

download (9)

6. Put a picture of you two, as your profile pic.

7. Go on, be in a relationship with her online( even if you make it visible to her only!)

8. Cook for her ( this is totally hot, all women love this) .


9. Call her up in the night, and sing a nice song.

10. Be honest. And even if you have been dating her for years now, smile when you see her, show your excitement, beam at her, reminds me of a cheesy dialogue from a very lame movie, but she will be your sunshine and your day will begin with her and end with her thoughts…okay i know, it might not be like that, but doesn’t hurt to make her believe so.

11. Make her meet your friends, make her feel a part of the group, oh but you have read this one before.

Girls go on add to the post, what would you like your guy to do?

[[ I agree some of the things, might suggest a slight paranoia or might even look creepy, but then i am hoping your girl can look through it]]

Author: pecsbowen


46 thoughts on “How to make your woman crazy about you”

  1. i have seen this with my parents, the older they are getting, the crazier things they are doing, sometimes i feel like the grown up, and they the teenagers…touchwood to their love ❤ ❤

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    1. like my last line says, if a girl might do all such things, it might seem a bit neurotic, but girls actually do a lot of things, u might not even be aware of , they are crazy like that..but guys hardly notice..oh yes but they do notice the nice little dresses we wear :P….


  2. Boys please forget about this shit!!!!!
    I have much better way to impress a girl and make her do anything to do with so This one is a trap to newcomers in ladakibazi field. By this girl only use you not even think who you are. I prefer to be confident when lie a girl because girls are dumb they can do anything for you even they know you had sex with other girl last night. ( not pointing simple girls)


    1. sexy sam why don’t you do something about your english first?
      And second, we are talking about women here, not your girls…do u get the subtle difference?
      Third, it is very clear the strata you belong to, i am amused you have wordpress account…but then it is a free world.
      fourth, though i am all in for the first amendment, but don’t use ur brain when you clearly have none…

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      1. good post … bit i think all ladies are different …. right ? i am always Mr. Chuckles with my girl … and i think its been going alright, occasionally plan a movie, fight with her and then go for looooooooong apologies (and they are looooooong :P)
        point being, its just that how is the equation, what are the given constants and what are the dependent and independent variables 😛 … (the last line was especially for mca people 😛 :P) … hehe



  3. all ladies are just the same…if you know what i mean 😉 ….being funny works…and the apologies part, keeping it long..very smart i have to say…..girls like that …i confess it for the rest of womankind : anything that flatters our ego works…

    equations i understand, i was just stating the general premises, a few things which will never fail..


  4. Women have sex when they WANT to. They get married when they CAN.
    Men have sex when they CAN. They get married when they WANT to.”


  5. And one guy definitely needs to read this -_- !!
    Quoting Vidya Balan, “One thing men need to know about women is that women want it and need it as much as they do”


  6. I always open these “How to get a girl” links and I get confused all the more after reading them. This one brought back much needed clarity, specifically for the kind of girls I am interested in.
    I am reading all of your posts after I have landed up on one.


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  8. Hi pecs
    that’s a nice post up there, i like it but….
    my girl is a bit different. perhaps you’d say all women or girls are the same, i think mine is of different kinda or maybe of an outer world. I’d like some advice on how to deal with her.
    she hates outings
    she talks less
    she is not affectionate, unless i touch her she won’t touch me, she won’t hug me unless i ask for it…she keeps reaching her hand out to get a hand shake even in privacy….she can’t kiss till i ask for one, sometimes she makes me beg for it. she is only romantic in letters but she never does what she has poured out on the paper. i hate this acts i need to feel love and affection.tell me what to do..
    talk to you


    1. Hey David,

      Give her time. Talk to her. Take it slow. Tell her how you feel and discuss this with her, ask her what can be done.
      With time and a little work both of you can find a middle ground.
      Good luck.


  9. i have much ways to make women crazzy for me,,,,
    but ”pecsbowen”!!! i want to know that ,,with which thing u’ll be crazzy for your man?
    i just want to know… i hope u will give a better hint…


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