Sidney Sheldon’s eternal charm

You will tell me grow up, how old are you? Wasn’t he the replacement for Hardy boys and Nancy Drews? And  I will tell you, yes he was and i fell in love with him when I was 13, and then i fell out of love, when i thought i had grown up. But its just been a week, and the romance has been rekindled, so much so , that in these seven days I have taken him to bed 3 nights already!

There are better writers with better language and cleaner characters, and intricate plots, but for him it is his simplicity that does the work. The language is simple. The words are easy. The places are very easy to imagine. When he goes on to describe Brazil or France or Italy , you feel like you are almost there. The characters are very simple, believable and though most of them are larger than life, just like the classic Mills and Boon, you feel for them and you feel with them. And the mystery of the plots and how intricately they are inter-woven. With Sheldon you can never guess. And that is what makes him different than the Grisham’s or the Archer’s or even the Kings. These people write stories with so much of detail, and so many agencies that you lose track and you are at their mercy to guess what is happening, what is going to happen. But with Sidney, he lays out everything on the silver platter and then teases you : c’mon love, dare to guess, play my little game …

And now i know, how furiously i fell in love with him before and read all of his books that were available then, all of them. A few had I could not, because they were not on the internet nor on paperback nearby. But now that the cupid has struck the second time, and now that I am richer, I am not going to let him go…


Author: pecsbowen


2 thoughts on “Sidney Sheldon’s eternal charm”

  1. I read my first Sheldon book when I was 15,the Memories of Midnight. from then on I was reading his novels one after the other and now I had completed 11 of his novels. I thought of going on a research on Sheldon .and I discovered that he was no more ,I was crying his book was the only place in the world I felt alive .I am this crap sadist I dread this socialising kind of stuff I could just slip into the novels and forget about everything I never wanted the novels to end .I always wanted to meet him and tell him what his works meant to me I love you …your books were my first love and it could never be replaced by another .


    1. Sadist is the wrong word for someone who hates to socialize.


      I know what you mean, I cried a little too when i found out he was dead. His book made for fast reads, they were quite nice.


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