Game of thrones : Season Finale : Valar Morghulis

Well thank god for all of us those who have not read George R.R. Martin’s  A last song of ice and fire, the imp does not die. But we had already established that in my last post, that the most interesting character in the series will not/can not die. But it is not that much of an happy ending for the imp, like he tells Shae, he is a monster now, with his disfigured face and dwarf sized body. And she tells him to well, shut up.

Compared to the linear time -line of the last episode, this one returns to its original style of jumps, which i found a tad-bit disturbing. Maybe all of us were expecting a lot out of the finale, or maybe the show raised standards for itself after the very well written, acted and directed last episode, but this one was a let down. For one, Tyrion had a very little screen presence, two, Rob’s marriage to the nurse lady seems a bit odd, i mean love is fine but he knows the consequences making his father certainly, more honorable.Three, Jamie and the giant,  Brienne, seem to be lost in the plot. And four, Theon’s failed attempt to motivate/instigate his soldiers, which was hilarious nevertheless.

Danerys’ magic thing with her dragons is the only high point of the show, except of course the climax. Now we know, she is not just a wasted character in the show and for all the soft-heartedness of  hers, she can be cruel enough to lock the big fat guy and her own slave in nothingness.

Stannis seems to be lost again( like most of the characters in this episode) , and the red-head lady shows him things in the fire, and her prophecy of a future with so much of destruction, yet victory is disturbing.

Jon Snow meanwhile is ready to meet the King beyond the north of the wall,Mance Rayder. Nothing of importance here except the bastard’s accent. Oh yes, but the climax, where Jon’s big-fat-coward friend is left surrounded by the Northwind Highlanders. The walking dead would look like that had they been in the Arctic.

A sad episode, a bad episode, but we will be looking forward to the third season next year, for the Icewalkers, for Dany’s Dragons, for Sansa’s freedom and for Arya’a adventures.

Oh, you ask me , why name it Valar Morghulis? Who is Valar Morghulis? The man with no face, or the man with many faces. The man Arya named, and the name which when it was taken back, changed a face. This too will be looked forward to in the next season.


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2 thoughts on “Game of thrones : Season Finale : Valar Morghulis”

  1. my guess i good as others … arya will become an assasin … a) she was impressed by her teacher in the first season who happens to be from the same place of that of Jaqen H’ghar (the mysterious assassin), b) she wants to learn these crafts.
    not to mention the dire wolf which arya had was let go into forest by her father, so that might come in story, by the way some people spoiled my suspense, arya’s dire wolf becomes a stud in coming books … sorry for ruining it, but i am sure, you must be praying for that too 🙂 … plus guessing from the correctness of your name spellings, i think you searched the net for them and might have come accross some spoilers for sure 🙂

    valar morghulis 😉


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