The instigation of the manipulator

Girls beware, he lurks  in the dark corners of your reasoning, waiting, patiently to prey on you at your emotional low. He can sense your conflict : you can see the facts but you want to believe otherwise, hoping for your unfinished fairytale, and when you choose otherwise and look into his eyes, he plays his cards right and oh, notice his words which are cleverly crafted along your feelings for him.

He never confesses, steers clear of the facts and makes you question your own judgement. Those naked eyes of his, pry into yours, spot your doubts and and re-assure you everything is fine. No word is spoken from his beautifully carved lips though.

He juggles you with his other chores and then holds you and tells you : you are the center of his universe. He confronts you on issues circling his ego, but leaves yours unanswered(re-direct to para 1). He makes you feel like a queen, and thrills you, excites you, makes you feel live and then throws you at the ground and rips your heart apart. A smooth talker, an alert thinker, a clever man.

Slowly, he attaches the strings, pulling you close, smartly he tears you from your world and lovingly he leaves you at this mercy. Passionately he loves you and ruthlessly he bothers you. Desperately you wait for him, as he manipulates the meet into fireworks.

Can’t live with him, can’t live without. Every girl’s dream, every girl’s nightmare : the bad boyfriend.



Author: pecsbowen


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