ishaqzaade : Not a second time watch

No, i did not hate the movie. It was pretty good actually. And since i had not read previous reviews or discussed it with my friends(read: bothered for their opinion), the movie held a lot of surprises for me. And also since, me and my boyfriend had an argument before the movie, i was more keen on the on – screen action.

The movie is fresh. Brilliantly directed. The new faces do a good job, again fresh is the word , because we haven’t seen them anywhere important before and Parineeti has displayed a lot of gusto for a Muslim girl, and Arjun, well Arjun, has not been given too many dialogues and for a good reason. Chaand, the whore, the kwality girl, the lover, the protector has done justice to more than the belly dancing. The other characters are in place, whether it is the typical parma-ki-maa, or the dada, or the angered dad and the righteous brothers.

Now what is also fresh about the movie is the plot. And how it convinces you. Most of the convincing goes to Pari’s acting. You almost feel cheated by the interval. Also i have to mention the randomness of the plot. Way too random. Kuch bhi ho raha tha movie mein. Did not make much sense to me, did not seem real, and i guess all of us city-bred spoilt brats would feel the same. The plot was crude, in its story and the depiction was almost romantic, almost poetic especially the martyr thing at the end.

The songs are again fresh. Everything about this movie is so new, so fresh, so brilliant, so full of energy, so cool. When you are watching it for the first time, you are hooked on. It toys with your brain, teasing you to guess what is next, playing with your knowledge of the repeated hollywood-bollywood plots wanting you to expect and then kicking you  right in the ass, but making you smile, like parma, nevertheless. Pari’s energy is contagious and you cry with her. Parma’s is not so, and you don’t really know whether to trust the bastard again, i did not believe him when he told her for the second time that he was in love with her. This probably has something to do with his acting skills and something to do with his limited dialogues : hey blame the scriptwriter , he’d say. Hey, i say, don’t blame the poor bloke, he saw you and then he wrote!

Will i go back to the movie to notice new things in it? Nope. Are there new things to notice? Nope. Once you know the story, once you know they die, once you know they make sweet love(for the second time) in the whore house and once you have heard the cheesy dialogues in the end before they kill each other, what would make you go back to the movie? Parineeti’s body ? Oh please. Arjun abs? Oh please. The movie scores on its freshness and it is because of its freshness that i would not see it for a second time. Unlike the rest of the dramas, which make you sentimental or the adventure/fantasy/sci-fi movies which you watch just for kicks, this movie is not a second time  watch. And the fact that it carries a social message does not help.

P.S – did any body else find that shooting episode in the college ridiculous? Oh yes and a word about Zoya’s wardrobe :  smart!

Author: pecsbowen


2 thoughts on “ishaqzaade : Not a second time watch”

  1. liked ur review..just saw the movie a few days ago on netflix..i super liked the first half…also because parineeti played the character with a freshness rarely seen in actresses these days..she had such a strong character and she ruled it…but in second half when she fell for her rapist..then the film turned regressive…songs were superb..usual amit trivedi effect!!


    1. god, u saw this movie now?? 😛

      anyhow yes the first half is good, and second slow and simply nonsensical but still that is what works for the movie the unpredictable plot. And that is part of the reason why i think it makes a good one time watch. That’s it.


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